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Pentax TS10V518AED 5mm to 50mm Lens is suitable for use with the Axis 211W Network Camera
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The Axis 211W Network Camera is a high-performance camera designed for professional video surveillance. The Axis 211W provides superior image quality thanks to its progressive scan sensor and advanced image processing.
The Axis 221 Day & Night Network Camera is a high performance camera for round-the-clock surveillance over IP networks. With the ability to provide high quality images under all lighting conditions, the Axis 221 is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications.
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AXIS Pentax 5mm to 50mm Varifocal Lens

Sharp, detailed images with extensive field of view At its lowest focal length, the Pentax Varifocal Lens 5-50 mm offers a traditional surveillance camera view. As the focal length is increased, the lens offers a more narrow angle of view and thereby increases the magnifying capabilities of the lens. The 50 mm setting is used when it is not possible to place the camera close enough to the object, due to natural obstacles or for semi-covert surveillance operations.

Compatible Cameras
The Pentax Varifocal Lens 5-50 mm is recommended for use with the Axis 211W Network Cameras. The lens can also be combined with the Axis 221 Network Camera, but offers less magnifying power. The lens is not day/night corrected and will therefore need adjustment when the Axis 221 IR-cut filter disengages.
Camera Image Sensor Angle of view
Axis 211W 1/4" 4.1
Axis 221 1/3" 5.5
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[Find out more...] Pentax TS10V518AED "Technical Data Sheet", 155 kB pdf file.

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Pentax TS10V518AED
Region Part Number
EUR/UK 5500-291
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