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The Milestone Xprotect family of products provides control for up to 64 cameras per server, multiple servers, multiple sites.
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This Milestone solution provides core features for installations of up to 16 cameras.
This Milestone solution provides advanced features for installations up to 36 cameras.
This Milestone solution provides top-of-the-line features for an unlimited number of cameras, multiple servers and multiple sites.
XProtect Remote Client offers a flexible, client/server based, remote access to an XProtect Enterprise or XProtect Professional surveillance installation.
Smart Client is the clever twin sister to the Remote Client and is .NET based.
Access video recordings or live camera images from PDAs with wireless communication!
Instant transmission of live video streams from any camera to any PC on the network.
An intelligent and flexible software solution that offers full integration between Point of Sales (POS) terminal systems and XProtect Enterprise.
Central scalability of any number of Milestone XProtect Enterprise and XProtect Retail installations.
Integrates network video surveillance recordings with POS or ATM transactions.
Milestone software is scaled for different business applications: XProtect Basis, XProtect Basis+, XProtect Professional, and XProtect Enterprise.
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Case Studies
Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo is wild about IP video surveillance for protecting people and animals
Crowd control, accidents, and other security-related incidences are all issues that this big metropolitan zoo has to handle. Widespread areas have to be covered, and the old analogue surveillance system was not practical for planned expansions.

[Find out more...] Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo , 187kB pdf file.

Coastal Sunbelt Produce uses Milestone IP video surveillance for more than just security
Processing and distributing perishable products demands strict adherence to FDA regulations with expensive USDA inspection visits rated by levels. An internal fraud situation also cost the company over $100,000, which justified installing a new IP video surveillance solution.

[Find out more...] Coastal Sunbelt Produce, 160kB pdf file.

DFDS Transport safeguards customer goods with Milestone IP video surveillance
The DFDS headquarters cover 150,000 square meters in a suburb of Copenhagen where 11-12,000 shipments occur daily. Customers demand the highest security for their goods, but DFDS’ old analogue CCTV system could not archive recordings long enough, it sometimes crashed and data was lost. Hundreds of drivers traffic the area round the clock, which makes the surveillance even more critical should any lost or stolen goods need to be investigated. Proof of handling is also necessary for resolving supplier disputes.

[Find out more...] DFDS Transport, 187kB pdf file.

Dreams Bedstores' surveillance solution is sure on its feet
Dreams had introduced a range of smaller items such as pillows and duvets, and found that theft of such products was occuring. In order to protect both stock and staff from would-be thieves, it became clear that a dedicated solution was required.

[Find out more...] Dreams Bedstores, 128kB pdf file.

F&M Bank gets clear robbery images for police and newscasters from IP video using Milestone Systems
F&M Bank wanted to provide a cost effective, highly reliable digital video surveillance system at all branch locations that could be managed centrally, accessed remotely, and provide proactive notification of camera system failures.

[Find out more...] F&M Bank, 139kB pdf file.

University Keeps Student Labs Safe and Efficient With Use of Network Video
Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering needed a cost-effective way to monitor the security of its student labs, enforce safety procedures and protect its engineering equipment from theft.

[Find out more...] Georgia Tech, 66kB pdf file.

Greater Media in Boston handles round-the-clock security with IP video from Milestone Systems
To improve the protection of their sophisticated radio equipment, Greater Media Inc. wanted to upgrade their old analog videotape security with a networked solution after they moved into a new building. They also wanted to cut the cost of using a security guard while ensuring that nightshift employees felt safe. Remote transmission locations require monitoring, too.

[Find out more...] Greater Media, 145kB pdf file.

IKEA manages loss prevention with Milestone integration of IP video surveillance and transaction data
The IKEA Pilot Store in Delft, The Netherlands, tests systems for the rest of the IKEA world to find the best proven solutions for the organization. They wanted to upgrade their existing analog approach for security surveillance to modern digital networked technology that could integrate with their retail transaction system to improve their management of shrinkage and reduction of fraud.

[Find out more...] IKEA, 168kB pdf file.

Nomad Worldwide is innovative for customers - and with their IP video surveillance solution
Nomad Worldwide wanted to take advantage of the newest networked digital technology to integrate their total IT solution, using IP video surveillance for more than just security. Monitoring for break-ins, fire, environmental waste procedures, internal theft, and remote round-the-clock production quality control were required in a setup allowing future growth.

[Find out more...] Nomad Worldwide, 193kB pdf file.

Rosenthal & Rosenthal moves their security surveillance from analog to digital IP network
Rosenthal & Rosenthal, located in busy mid-town Manhattan's Herald Square, is the largest privately-owned financial factoring company in the USA. Founded in 1938, they now have over 200 employees. In 2002 they to replace an analogue-based security system that recorded on video tapes. They wanted a solution that is digital and scalable to allow for branch expansions. In the summer of 2003, R & R established a branch in California, installing the equipment to be hooked up with a secure connection, with central control from the New York headquarters. Connecticut and Florida are on the future agenda.

[Find out more...] Rosenthal & Rosenthal, 153kB pdf file.

Scandlines AG ensures harbor safety with digital video surveillance
Scandlines has complex needs when it comes to their video surveillance. They have different types of businesses to manage in one organisation: ferry transport and harbour control with traffic coordination, ticket sales and travel planning, catering in restaurants, and retail sales in boutiques – occuring both in their harbour terminals and on the ships.

[Find out more...] Scandlines AG, 77kB pdf file.

Digital surveillance integrated with POS system reduces shrinkage at Statoil service station
One Statoil service station in Denmark has been chosen as a pilot project for all of the chain's locations to prove that digital surveillance is an important tool for resolving robberies, errors at the cash register, people forgetting to pay for gas, shoplifting, vandalism and internal fraud.

[Find out more...] Statoil service station, 140kB pdf file.

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