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Mach5 analyses the log files produced by web servers and produces valuable sales, marketing, and technical data
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Mach5 Web Site Analyser

The World Wide Web is the Gutenberg press of our age. A web site is accessible to a global audience but how do you obtain information on visitors and the web site resources they use? Your hosting server records most of the information you require in its log files.

The extent of the date recorded in the log files varies from host provider to host provider but all systems record basic information. This would normally include, date and time (plus offset from GMT), requesting computer’s IP address, file requested, status/error code (200 for a success, 404 for a missing file) and the number of bytes involved in each transaction. Most servers record also the address of the referring page and details of the user agent, that is, the operating system and browser of the visitor. All this information is recorded for every single request for information that your site receives.

To really obtain the most benefit from web statistics it necessary to analyse the log files. Because of the amount of data involved some form of analysing program is required.

Mach5 Analyser gives webmasters what they want: detailed server statistics that don't take forever to run. Mach5 Analyser can speed through the web server log files at over 100Mb/min, telling you everything you need to know about the web site: the pages people are accessing (hits and users), the pages linking to your site, the search engine keywords being used to get to your site, what pages are causing 404 errors, and almost two dozen more reports.

What can dedicated site analysis software provide beyond the totals for data transferred, page impressions and visitors and the averages derived from them? The answer is an almost unbelievable array of new statistics that reveal the inner workings of a web site.

Mach5 Analyser is available in three variations. A free, introductory version, which is limited to 5,000 lines, a Regular version for $99 and a Gold version for $199, which adds a number of in-depth capabilities such as the ability to export reports in HTML format.

In association with Mach5 Analyser, is able to offer a 10% price reduction on the price of the Regular or Gold version. Simply “click” on the graphic below to go to the Mach5 download page and obtain a 10% price discount!

Mach 5 Analyser (

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