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The Raymax 100 Platinum is suitable for all low light installations up to 200m (656ft).
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Raytec provides a full range of Infrared, White-Light and Hybrid illuminators for the CCTV Professional. All the illuminators offer high performance, low running costs and low maintenance.
Adaptive Illumination allows the installer to adjust the light projection from a single unit to fit the specific demands of any installation.
Light pollution is a global problem caused by inefficient, intrusive and unnecessary use of artificial light.
The intensity of illumination due to a given source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.
Specialist wide angle illuminators provide 120 to 180° degree illumination meaning it is now possible to illuminate up to 360 degrees using only 2 illuminators.
All Raytec illuminators are supplied with a mounting bracket and a Standard Power Supply. Optional mounting brackets and power supplies are available if required.
The Achievable Distance for Raytec Raymax Platinum Infrared Illuminators - Tabular
The Achievable Distance for Raytec Raymax Platinum Infrared Illuminators - Graphical

Acheivable Distance

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- Platinum
The RM 100 Platinum is the latest generation of the Raymax series, designed specifically for long distance or wide angle applications. RM 100 Platinum provides World class performance, long life and zero maintenance. RM 100 Platinum incorporates the very latest surface mount LED’s to deliver excellent night-time pictures with improved optical output and outstanding reliability.

The Platinum Version of the Raxmax infrared illuminators boosts the achievable distance by up to 25% compared to the equivalent standard Raymax illuminator.

Adaptive Illumination provides the flexibility to alter the angle of illumination on site to suit specific security needs and to match the camera’s field of view. [Click "animated gif" to see the adaptive illumination feature of the Raymax RM 100 Platinum in operation]. Raymax illuminators are also purpose designed to provide even output illumination. Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.

Raymax illuminators are supplied with bracket and power supply. Control features on the power supply include adjustable power output, photocell and telemetry control.

The RM 100 Platinum is suitable for all low light installations up to 200 metres (656ft). [See Achievable Distance]

Platinum Advanced SMT LED Technology
Platinum illuminators incorporate cutting edge technology, light intensification miniature optics and an advanced “Cool Running” thermal management system into a single LED.
- Platinum - Features
  • Distances up to 150m (492ft)
  • Latest LED technology
  • 180° coverage up to 125m, 360° coverage with only 2 units
  • Ultimate Adaptive Illumination
  • Various Angles (10° to 180°+)
  • Fully Controllable Power Supply
  • 10 year life
  • Cool Running thermal management system
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Zero Light Pollution
  • Even Output Illumination
  • Semi-Covert or Covert Options
- Platinum -Technical Data
All Raymax LED illuminators are provided with a 5 Year Warranty

[Find out more...] Raymax 100 Platinum "Technical Specifications".

[Find out more...] Raymax 100 Platinum "Technical Data Sheet", 921 kB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Raymax "Installation Guide", 308 kB pdf file.

To view the .pdf file, you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or plug-in. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please select the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon for further instructions.

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- Platinum - Order Details does not sell on-line. Orders (See Order Options for Details) can be placed by fax, email or telephone:

0121 243 3163 is registered and assured with The SafeBuy Consumer Code of Practice to protect your purchase.

Part Code Description Narrow Angle Wide Angle
RM100-PTL-AI-10 Raymax 100, 10° - 20°, 850nm LED's + PSU 200m (656ft) 130m (427ft)
RM100-PTL-AI-30 Raymax 100, 30° - 60°, 850nm LED's + PSU 130m (437ft) 90m (295ft)
RM100-PTL-AI-50 Raymax 100, 50° - 180°, 850nm LED's + PSU 90m (295ft) 58m (190ft)
RM100-PTL-AI-120 Raymax 100, 180° - 180°+, 850nm LED's + PSU 50m (164ft) 33m (108ft)
[nm = namometer wavelength]
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