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Raytec VARIO is available in Infra-Red and White-Light. The unique VARIO beam pattern system permits the user to alter the angle of illumination to exactly match the required field of view

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Raytec VARIO Illuminators

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- Product Overview

VARIO Infra-red and White-Light Illuminators

Covers Every Angle
VARIO is the latest innovation in illumination from Raytec. It is the most important technological development since the initial launch of the RAYMAX and RAYLUX series of LED illuminators, redefining CCTV lighting.

VARIO LED illuminators combine the latest advances in optics, remote control, electronic feedback and green technology into a single package.

Available in Infra-Red and White-Light, the unique VARIO beam pattern system is the latest development in adjustable, interchangeable optics and permits the user to alter the angle of illumination to exactly match the required field of view. This is a complementary technology to "Adaptive Illumination" used in many Raytec Illuminators.

The holographic VARIO inserts enhance the even illumination to standards far in excess of normal LED illuminators for the very best CCTV images at night.

Key Features

  • VARIO interchangeable lenses - Angle of illumination can be easily, quickly and precisely adjusted.
  • VARIO remote control - Set-up quickly and safely from ground level.
  • VARIO feedback system - Quick operational feedback on status and performance of illuminator.
  • VARIO Enhanced Even Illumination - Elliptical beam patterns with holographic diffuser deliver more even illumination for excellent images and less vertical light waste.

[Find out more...] Raytec "VARIO at a Glance", 6.27 MB pdf file.

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