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Veracity COLDSTORE is a Network Attached Storage Systen (NAS) with a massive 60 Terabyte capacity


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- Video Surveillance Storage System
COLDSTORE is a Network Attached Storage System (NAS) designed specifically for modern video surveillance systems which need very high capacity for mega-pixel IP cameras and/or long archive periods.

DISKPLAY is a USB docking station designed specifically for connecting COLDSTORE disks to a PC via a simple USB connection for replay and review. DISKPLAY exploits the unique removable, playable disk feature of COLDSTORE.

Veracity COLDSTORE Network Attached Storage System (NAS) from

Unique Features

  • Massive 60TB capacity using around 40 watts a 90% power saving versus RAID
  • Very high disk reliability even using the lowest cost disk drives available
  • No data loss on disk failure, with no rebuild required, and simple disk hot-swap
  • Uses any mix of SATA drive manufacturer, model and capacity



Whilst simple in concept and in use, the technology incorporated within COLDSTORE delivers a very high reliability system even when using the lowest costs disks available. Our Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAIDTM) system combined with our unique Sequential Filing SystemTM(SFS) produces a powerfully simple system which provides massive capacities at very low cost. The system is extremely simple to manage, with all disk set up and configuration being entirely automatic. Thus even the end-user can add, remove, replace and even upgrade disks. These operations are done without ever stopping the recording of data.

Sequential Recording

Disks are used sequentially, with all disks not in use being switched off, saving power and thus dramatically reducing temperature, vibration and wear - the three primary disk killers. The system uses a unique mirrored overlapping-pair writing pattern to provide full data redundancy during the critical writing process, but not requiring twice the number of drives of fully-mirrored RAID1 systems.

Power Efficiency

COLDSTORE exploits the fact that only 3% of video data is ever replayed, and so every disk is off (on average) for 87% of the time. SFS controls the disk read/write heads, moving them across the disk very much like a vinyl record player, virtually removing disk vibration. Combining LAIDTM and SFSTM together with a custom-designed low-power main CPU board results in a disk array which hardly needs any cooling at all, and uses as little as 40 watts even with a fully populated 45TB array.

As there are special times when it may be necessary to run all the drives simultaneously for an extended period (e.g. during a mass search process), COLDSTORE is designed to handle this with ease, incorporating a well-specified power supply (with dual hot-swappable PSU option) and temperature-controlled chassis cooling fans. Even in this mode, COLDSTORE will use around 120 watts maximum - more than three times as efficient as typical RAID systems.

Disk Types and Physical Location of Data

COLDSTORE can use any make and size of SATA disk and indeed any mix of disks. Disks may be added "on the fly" and will automatically be incorporated into in the array. Disks may also be extracted at any time, and due to the strictly sequential writing pattern, the recorded time-span of any disk may be displayed on the front panel. This allows simple physical location (and extraction) of any particular recording for evidential purposes. Such simple, yet powerful features allow the disks in the array to be easily managed by the end users themselves.

Operating Modes

In addition to the mirrored overlapping-pair mode, COLDSTORE can also operate in single sequential disk mode and sequential mirrored-pair mode (i.e. sequential RAID1) as required. These modes of operation still benefit from the power-saving, low temperature, vibration and wear features of LAID and SFS, including simple disk management and instantaneous extraction of evidence.

Integration with Video Recording and Management Systems

Veracity provides a simple SDK to DVR/NVR manufacturers who wish to provide their end users with the benefits of COLDSTORE. Direct control of COLDSTORE via a defined network protocol is an alternative method of integration. COLDSTORE is delivered with a full configuration and management application. Once configured, disks may be removed and extracted at any time without re-configuration. Array management may also be done directly via front-panel controls. The front panel is also used to show array status, disk capacities, disk time span and IP address.


- Specifications



NAS server running L.A.I.D.TM with SFSTM disk filing system
Embedded Linux OS on Compact Flash
NTP time synchronization recommended

Data interface:

Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Max throughput 320Mbit/sec (unlimited scalability with multiple CS units)

System interface:

System control direct from 3rd party client application (SDK and network protocols available)
Configuration via Veracity COLDSTORE Manager application
Management via front panel, Manager application, or 3rd party client application


15 x 3.5" disks (lockable cradles included)
Configuration via Veracity COLDSTORE Manager applicationMax. Capacity (with 4TB disks):
Max. Capacity (with 4TB disks):
Raw - 60TB
Effective - 56TB (Normal COLDSTORE mode)
Effective - 60TB (Single sequential mode)
Effective - 28TB (Sequential full mirrored-pair mode)

Software configurable alarm I/Os:

4 relay outputs (disk fail, disk inserted, disk extracted, PSU fail, etc.)
4 inputs (UPS active, power down, start fans, etc.)

Power consumption

40 to 62 watts average (single PSU)
59 to 74 watts average (dual hot-swap PSU)
320W power supply rating


19" rack width, 4U high, 440mm deep




- Applications
Online Video Surveillance Storage - direct from VMS
Near-line Video Surveillance Storage - direct from VMS
Video Surveillance Archiving - moved from VMS
Offline Video Surveillance Archiving - removed, managed, disks
Email Archiving
Replacement of Tape Backup Systems
Medical Imaging Archiving
Call Centre Recording
Broadcast Video Archiving
Media Library Archiving


- Documentation

[Find out more...] Veracity COLDSTORE "Technical Datasheet", 1.85 MB pdf file.

To view the .pdf file, you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or plug-in. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please select the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon for further instructions.

Request Information:

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- Order Details does not sell on-line. Orders (See Order Options for Details) can be placed by telephone, email or fax.
Product Codes Description
CS15-4U-S COLDSTORE 15-bay 4U, Single Power Supply
CS15-4U-D COLDSTORE 15-bay 4U Dual Hot-Swap Power Supply
CS-DP-UK DISKPLAY USB docking station for CS disks (UK)
CS-DP-EU DISKPLAY USB docking station for CS disks (EU)
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