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DISKPLAY is a USB docking station designed specifically for connecting COLDSTORE disks to a PC via a simple USB connection for replay and review.


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- COLDSTORE Disk Player System

DISKPLAY is a USB docking station designed specifically for connecting COLDSTORE disks to a PC via a simple USB connection for replay and review. DISKPLAY exploits the unique removable, playable disk feature of COLDSTORE.

Any COLDSTORE disk may be extracted and inserted into DISKPLAY for playback on any PC. Thus every disk recorded by COLDSTORE becomes a stand-alone playable media volume, ideal for rapid seizure of data and evidential transport.

Veracity COLDSTORE Network Attached Storage System (NAS) from


Video data are recorded onto COLDSTORE disks sequentially in time, such that the disks are used almost like video tapes. Each disk is therefore a continuous segment of time, with a known start time & date and a known end time & date. Thus it is possible to physically locate any specific time span of recorded video. The required data can of course be archived conventionally via the VMS control system and downloaded over the network to the operator workstation and onto CD, DVD, USB key, portable hard drive or other suitable media.

However, there are special cases where a large volume of data needs to be extracted quickly, perhaps after a serious incident, for a legal case or for law enforcement investigations. In such cases, the required COLDSTORE disk(s) may be identified and extracted in seconds, properly labelled and taken into evidential custody. Very large volumes of data may be extracted quickly and efficiently, without ever stopping the recording process.

DISKPLAY Playback System

DISKPLAY is a specially designed USB docking station for COLDSTORE SATA disk drives which allow extracted disks to be connected to a PC without having to remove the disk from the standard COLDSTORE disk tray. All COLDSTORE disks are stand-alone playable media volumes, with pre-loaded playback software (assuming the selected VMS supports this feature).

Once connected to a PC, the video data may be copied, reviewed, played back or archived to another medium. Typically sections of data will be extracted and copied. Note that due to the COLDSTORE's unique Sequential Filing System, data may be read, but cannot be altered or deleted (without destroying the disk or re-formatting it). DISKPLAY makes this process very simple and the COLDSTORE / DISKPLAY combination allows data playback on any Windows PC, even if that PC has not been previously setup for COLDSTORE disk playback.


- Specifications



SATA hard disk drive, any capacity
1 COLDSTORE disk tray compatible drive bay

Data interface:

USB 2.0

Operating System:

All versions of Windows (typically, dependent on 3rd-party VMS employed)


12V DC supply included


218x188x202mm WxDxH (with mounting plate)
200x188x200mm WxDxH (without mounting plate)




Request Information:

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Product Codes Description
CS-DP-UK DISKPLAY USB docking station for CS disks (UK)
CS-DP-EU DISKPLAY USB docking station for CS disks (EU)
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