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Space-time may be pear-shaped, but there is no need to let your web hosting go the same way
Time is pear-shaped
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Web Hosting
Omega Cubed hosted web sites are located on servers housed in a secure data centre with multiple, high-bandwidth connections to the Internet from high

Fast, Easy Powerful

Optional features include Microsoft FrontPage Extensions, virus scanning, spam filtering, advanced SMS alerts, live statistics, ODBC database support, MSSQL database support, password protected areas, Secure Server (SSL) functionality, Microsoft Media Streaming, ASP and the .NET framework.

All domains are hosted on fully redundant, Intel Pentium III, dual processor, Windows 2003 IIS6 servers with full support for Perl, CGI, ISAPI, PHP, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies.

Data Centre
Omega Cubed servers are located in a purpose-built data-centre providing a very secure environment. Features such as Advanced Fire Suppression Systems, Denco Environmental Climate Control and APC UPS equipment ensure that your web site is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Server Connection
BT Logo
BT have the largest IP network in the UK. They are our primary bandwidth provider. This service is delivered on gigabit fibre.
Telewest Logo
Telewest is the largest cable operator in the UK. Our Telewest connection is delivered over Telewest's own fibre and is completely independent of BT's network.

E-mail Accounts
With 20 MB of space and individual mailbox control panels, Standard mailboxes are ideal for quick, low cost email. Please note: Standard mailboxes do not include virus and spam protection.

Unlimited Bandwidth Use Policy
Omega Cubed has an “unlimited use” policy. Omega Cubed is able to offer this feature by maintaining a large bandwidth per customer.

FTP Accounts
Every hosted domain has a number of private FTP accounts which may be used to upload files and for web site management.

Web Space

Control Panel
You are provided with a password protected area of your web site which allows real-time administration of all aspects of your account.

Bandwidth Monitoring
You can view current and historical reports online about the bandwidth usage of your domains.

Basic SMS Alerts
SMS e-mail alerts enable you to receive a text message on your mobile telephone telling you when you receive an e-mail.

Optional Advanced Mailboxes
Advanced mailboxes have all the capabilities of standard POP3 mailboxes but include also virus scanning, spam filtering and roaming SMTP.

Optional Microsoft Exchange 2003 Mailboxes
  • Free Microsoft Outlook 2003 licence, with each mailbox
  • Public folders - create as many as you need
  • HTTP and HTTP over VPN access - you don't need Windows XP to get the full benefits
  • Shared calendaring
  • Shared address books - includes automatically populated global address list and offline address books
  • Outlook Web Access - full benefits of Outlook 2003, using a web browser
  • Outlook Mobile Access - access using compatible mobile devices
  • ActiveSync - synchronise with compatible mobile devices
  • Combine Standard (POP3) and Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes on same domain

Optional Advanced SMS Alerts
SMS e-mail alerts enable you to receive a text message on your mobile telephone telling you when you receive an e-mail. With the advanced service, you can specify criteria that determine whether a message will be sent, for example, only be informed about messages sent from a particular individual or containing certain words in the text.

Optional Live Statistics
You can view real-time information about the visitors to your domain.

Optional ODBC Database Support
Your domains can use any ODBC [Open Database Connectivity] compliant database. Supported data source types include:
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DBase
  • MySQL
  • Paradox
  • Plain text

Optional Microsoft SQL Server Database
You can create MSSQL Server databases and have full control of them via the Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC. MSSQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution used by many Corporate and Financial institutions worldwide. The latest version of Microsoft's widely-used SQL relational database management system runs on dedicated Dual Intel Xeon database servers.

Optional MySQL Server Database
You can create MySQL Server databases and have full control of them. The MySQL relational database management system runs on dedicated Dual Intel Xeon database servers.

Optional Basic and Advanced Password Protection
You can password protect areas of your web site and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server. The basic service allows you to authenticate users from a text file. The advanced service allows users to be authenticated from a database.

Optional SSL Secure Server Functionality
You can install SSL on your account which allow secure transactions between your web site and your customers. SSL can be installed instantly from your control panel.

Optional Full support for Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Extensions
FrontPage 2002 extensions may be installed on the server to make use of advanced features of FrontPage such as form handlers.

Optional support for Microsoft Media Streaming
Media streaming is a content delivery system allowing your visitors to view multimedia content without downloading the entire media file. Users browse to the media file, or a page in which the media file is embedded, and the audio/video is streamed directly to the browser.

Optional support for Microsoft ASP.NET
Create sophisticated web applications, with ASP.NET, the latest web development platform from Microsoft. Drawing on the benefits of the .NET Framework 1.1 and the Windows 2003 operating system, ASP.NET offers:
  • Rapid application development and deployment
  • Choice of C#, J#, C++ and VB.NET coding
  • Just in time compilation: optimised code performance and portability
  • Rich output caching: eliminate duplicated script execution and database access
  • Dynamic updates: upload new components even while your application is running
  • Target multiple devices with one application
  • 'drop and run' application deployment
  • Comprehensive XML web services support
  • Use FrontPage extensions with Visual Studio.NET or FrontPage
  • DSN or DSN-less connections to ODBC data sources
  • Connect to SQL Server databases on your account or located remotely

Optional support for Microsoft ASP Scripting
Full support for Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages).

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