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Axis P3343-V vandal-resistant Fixed Dome Network IP Camera

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AXIS P3343 Fixed Network IP Camera
The Axis P3343 Fixed Dome Network Camera offers superior image quality including day/night functionality and wide dynamic range, providing crisp and clear images of both illuminated and low-light areas. The Axis P3343 has a tamper-resistant casing specifically designed for indoor environments. Remote zoom ensures that the viewing angle is optimized for the scene and required pixel resolution at installation. The remote focus function makes the installation convenient, eliminating the need for focusing at the camera position.

Optimized use of bandwidth and storage
Multiple H.264 streams, as well as Motion JPEG streams, can be provided simultaneously either in full frame rate or individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints.

The Axis P3343 includes advanced multi-window motion detection, an active tampering alarm and audio detection with support for two-way audio, including a built-in microphone. It uses a high performance lens and a progressive scan CCD image sensor that enables moving objects to be presented without distortion.

The Axis P3343has a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot. The compact and cost-efficient design enables simple and flexible installation. The tamper-proof housing may be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The vari-focal lens may be adjusted in pan, tilt and rotation to any desired camera angle.
The product offers a complete set of security features such as multi-level password protection, IP address filtering, IEEE 802.1x netweork access control and HTTPS encryption. The support for HTTPS provides a secure channel between camera and application and enables authentication of the video source.

The Axis P3301 suports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in addition to version 4. The Axis P3301 fully supports the Power Over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af standard and works with compliant mid-spans and switches. Power supply to the camera can be guaranteed by use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
Axis 3-year WarrantyThe Axis P3343 Network Camera carries an Axis 3-year Warranty.
The Axis P3343 is available for purchase under the Axis 30-day "Buy & Try" Scheme

AXIS P3343 Fixed Network IP Camera

  • Superior image quality using a progressive scan 1/4" CCD sensor, which enables moving images to be presented without distortion
  • Lens: Vari-focal, DC-iris, remote focus and zoom
    6mm: 2.5-6mm, F1.2, horizontal angle of view; 34 - 72
    12mm: 3.3-12mm, F1.4, horizontal angle of view; 17 - 54
  • Camera angle adjustment: pan 360, tilt 170, rotation 340
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom: Digital ptz, preset positions, guard tour
  • Multi-window motion detection with alarm image buffering
  • Supports Quality of Service (QoS) which helps to ensure the necessary bandwidth for streaming video and control commands over the network
  • Supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in addition to version 4.
  • Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) enabled
  • Resolutions up to 800x600 pixels
  • One hundred levels of compression
  • Up to 25 frames per second (PAL) in all resolutions
  • Minimum Illumination: 6mm: color; 0.2 lux, F1.2, B/W;0.04 lux, F1.2
    12mm: color; 0.3 lux, F1.4, B/W;0.05 lux, F1.4
  • Shutter Time: 1/6 second to 1/25,000 seconds
  • Multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams; simultaneously, at full frame rate, or individually optimised for image quality and bandwidth contraints
  • Audio: Two-way, half-duplex
    AAC LC 8/16 kHz
    G.711 PCM 8 kHz
    G.726 ADPCM 8 kHz
    Configurable bit rate
  • Audio input/output: External microphone input or line input, line level output
    Built-in microphone
  • Intelligent video: Video motion detection, active tampering alarm, audio detection
  • Alarm triggers: Intelligent video, external input
  • Alarm events: File upload via FTP, HTTP and email
    Notification via email, HTTP and TCP
    External output activation
    Video recording to local storage
  • Privacy masking, text, date and time overlay
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration
  • Casing: Polycarbonate transparent cover
    Aluminum inner camera module with encapsulated electronics
    Tamper-resistant plastic casing
  • Operating environment:
    0 50 C (32 122 F)
    Humidity 20 80% RH (non condensing)
  • Local storage: SD/SDHC memory card slot (card not included)
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) with power classification according to Class 2
  • Dimensions: (H x D) 96 mm x 148 mm (3.8'' x 5.8'')
  • Weight: 444g (1 lb)

AXIS P3343 Fixed Network IP Camera
Included Accessories

  • Mounting and connector kits, Installation Guide, CD with installation tools, recording software and Users Manual, Windows decoder 1-user license, smoked transparent cover. Mounting bracket, cable shield, weather shield, 5 m (16ft.) network cable with pre-mounted gasket

AXIS P3343 Fixed Network IP Camera
Optional Accessories

  • Milestone Xprotect is based on four main offerings scaled in functionality and price which offer multi-hardware support and robust performance. Milestone XProtect can control up to 64 cameras per server, with multiple servers and multiple sites.
  • Axis Camera Station software offers Windows PC users all the necessary video recording and monitoring functions for security surveillance. The software supports up to 50 cameras/video servers per installation and an unlimited recording database (limited only by hardware!).
  • Axis Camera Management Axis Camera Management is a powerful and efficient installation and management tool for use with Axis video products.
  • Infrared Illuminators can be used to produce an image in total darkness at ranges up to 250m.
  • Mounting accessories for the Axis P3343 Fixed Dome Network IP camera.

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[Find out more...] Axis P33 Series "Technical Data Sheet", 1.14 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis P33 Series "User's Manual", 6.39 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis P3343/P3344 "Installation Guide", 4.53 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis P3343/P3344 Drop Ceiling Mount "Installation Guide", 10.74 MB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Axis "IP Surveillance Design Guide", 13 MB pdf file.

To view the .pdf file, you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or plug-in. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please select the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon for further instructions.

AXIS P3343 - Order Details

Axis P3343
Lens Part Number  
12mm 0307-031 Buy Axis P3343
6mm 0307-001 Buy Axis P3343
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