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The Milestone Xprotect family of products provides control for up to 64 cameras per server, multiple servers, multiple sites.
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Milestone Xprotect
The Milestone product line is based on four main offerings scaled in functionality and price which offer multi-hardware support and robust performance with simultaneous live image playback and recording, advanced management, flexible scheduling, and intelligent functionality.
  XProtect Basis is the essential version of Milestone video surveillance software for installations of 1-16 cameras. It is an ideal solution for the SOHO (Small Office/Home) market.
  XProtect Basis+ is an expanded version of Milestone video surveillance software for installations of 1-25 cameras. It is a robust performance solution, well suited to the SMB (Small to Medium sized Business) market.
  XProtect Professional is the advanced version of Milestone video surveillance software for installations of 1-36 cameras. It is a high performance solution, suitable for the high-end SMB and entrepreneurial corporate market.
  XProtect Enterprise is the most comprehensive version of Milestone IP video surveillance software: the perfect choice for installations of 1-64 cameras per server, multiple servers and multiple sites. The software supports the widest choice of network cameras and video servers, with the equipment connected to an office LAN or other TCP/IP network, such as the Internet.
  XProtect Remote Client offers a flexible, client/server based, remote access to an XProtect Enterprise or XProtect Professional surveillance installation.
  XProtect Smart Client is the clever twin sister to the Remote Client, and this member of the family has some very attractive features.
  XProtect PDA Client permits access to video recordings or live camera images from PDAs with wireless communication! Check surveillance images with full mobility.
  XProtect Matrix is a simple yet powerful tool for network monitoring of your security environment by multiple users. System operators can ensure that the display of live video from any surveillance camera is shown on any PC monitor on the network.
  XProtect Retail offers full integration between Point of Sales (POS) terminal systems and XProtect Enterprise. XProtect Retail provides a 100% digital surveillance system and full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, and employee numbers in any combination required.
  XProtect Central is a solution that offers central scalability for any number of Milestone XProtect Enterprise and XProtect Retail installations.
  XProtect Transact integrates network video surveillance recordings with POS or ATM transactions.
The benefits of IP video surveillance
  It is purely digital, so you get: - top quality recordings - fast search and retrieval of recordings - easy maintenance - freedom from changing tapes - no cumbersome storage of tapes
  It has intelligent features: - video motion detection - speedup on activity - detailed image analysis- intelligent PTZ control- active operator alerts
  It's an open platform, so you can: - integrate with other security equipment (gates, door alarms, access control) - integrate with other business systems (payment, Point-Of-Sales, ATMs)
  It's network based, so you can: - run multiple cameras via the same cable- use CAT 5, fibre, wireless or existing cables - cover larger areas more efficiently- connect via the Internet for remote access - easily scale capacity and performance
FREE 1 channel XProtect Professional licence
Download and install a FREE 1 channel XProtect Professional licence. For details on how to take full advantage of this offer please visit:

Free 1 channel XProtect Professional licence

No one is sure how long this offer will be available, so you are advised to download yours now!

30 day trials
Download 30 day trials of any version of Milestone XProtect software. Another way to explore this superb software before making a purchase.

30 day trials

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