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Milestone Xprotect Basis provides core features for installations of up to 16 cameras.
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Milestone Xprotect Basis
This Milestone solution provides core features for installations of up to 16 cameras.

XProtect Basis is the essential version of Milestone video surveillance software that is the perfect choice for more modest installations of 1-16 cameras. It is a low-priced, solid performance solution, well suited to the SOHO (Small Office/HOme) market.

XProtect Basis will turn a Windows PC into a state-of-the-art digital video surveillance system. The software supports the widest choice of network cameras and video servers, for the equipment to connect directly to an office LAN or other TCP/IP network, such as the Internet. Digital recording is saved directly onto the hard drive(s) of the PC. For an excellent solution to simpler surveillance needs, XProtect Basis is the right product at the right price.

XProtect Basis - Features
•  Viewing and Recording for up to 16 Cameras
•  Video Recording up to 600,000 Images per Camera or 40 GB of data per Camera
•  Motion Activated Recording (VMD)
•  Recordings: 1 Camera Viewing
•  Manual PTZ Control
•  Motion Alerting via Email
•  JPEG and AVI Export Formats
•  Remote Access: 1-Channel Web Server
•  PC Specs: Single CPU systems only
•  Remote Access: 1-Channel Web Server
•  OS Specs: Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003 Server, XP Pro (64-bit), 2003 Server (64-bit)
•  Licenses: 16 Cameras
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[Find out more...] Milestone Xprotect Basis and Basis+, "Factsheet", 369kB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Milestone Xprotect Basis and Basis+, "Getting Started", 505kB pdf file.

[Find out more...] Milestone Xprotect Specification.

[Find out more...] Milestone Xprotect Case Studies.

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