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The Milestone Xprotect family of products provides control for up to 64 cameras simultaneously on one screen.
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This Milestone solution provides core features for installations of up to 25 cameras.
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Milestone XProtect Remote Client
Milestone XProtect Remote Client offers a flexible, client/server based, remote access to an XProtect Enterprise or XProtect Professional surveillance installation, and can be run from the server without prior installation, for unlimited numbers of users.

The XProtect Remote Client offerings provides remote access to live and recorded images from up to 16 cameras at a time.

Enjoy seamless browsing of current and archived image databases - remotely, at any time.Export AVI or JPG image files for easy evidence sharing with others.

Respond to security incidences faster, round-the-clock, no matter where you are!

Milestone Remote Client - Features
•  Included with XProtect Enterprise and XProtect Professional
•  Remote viewing of full quality images: JPEG and MPEG-4 at the same time
•  View live video or playback 1-16 cameras´ recordings from the same or different servers simultaneously
•  Advanced video navigation including fast/slow playback, jump to date/time, single step and video motion search
•  Individual views can be user-defined in various layouts: view or playback camera images from multiple servers simultaneously in the same view
•  Shared views can be managed centrally via the server with admin/user rights and user groups
•  Import static or active HTML maps for fast navigation to cameras and good premise overviews
•  Activate Matrix via graphical premise maps using JavaScript or integrate with centralized access control systems
•  Control output port relay operation, like control of gates
•  Quick overview of sequences with detected motion and preview window
•  Quick overview of events/alerts
•  Control PTZ cameras remotely, also using preset positions
•  Remote PTZ Point-and-Click control
•  Remote PTZ zoom to a marked rectangle
•  Control output port relay operations like control of gates, etc
•  Take manual control over a PTZ camera that runs a patrolling scheme; after a timeout with no activity the camera reverts to its scheduled patrolling
•  IPIX 1x2 or 2x2 ‘Quad View’ for viewing all 360° at once
•  Optional video compression in streaming from server to client gives better use of bandwidth
•  Create AVI files or save JPEG images
•  Print incident reports with free-text user comments
•  System logon using XProtect user name and password
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[Find out more...] Milestone Xprotect "Remote Client & Smart Client Factsheet", 1,090kB pdf file.

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