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Product Summary
The Bosch Aegis UFLED is a long life, high reliability infrared illuminator for internal or external applications for distances up to 220 meters (720ft).
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Achievable ranges for different infrared illuminators.
The visible range extends from approximately 400 nanometres (violet) to 700 nanometres (red).
The main challenge with a fully functional dome is the inability to mount infrared illuminators on the moving part of the dome.
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Aegis UFLED, the world’s first Intelligent-IR illuminator combines innovation in infrared technology and design to deliver absolute performance in night vision surveillance.

Constant Light technology compensates for LED degradation, a natural occurrence with all LED-based illuminators, to deliver a constant level of lighting performance throughout the life of the illuminator.

Powered by award-winning Black Diamond IR, Aegis UFLED delivers Even-Illumination which lights the foreground and background of the scene eliminating hotspots and underexposure.

The IP67 rated Aegis UFLED features a 12 VDC / 24 VAC power circuit built into the illuminator to allow direct powering of the unit. Where mains operation is required separate power supplies are available.

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Aegis UFLED - Functions

  • Maintains a constant level of infrared performance throughout the life of the illuminator
  • Maintains a constant level of infrared performance when operated at varying ambient temperatures
  • Continues to deliver the specified range for the life of the illuminator
  • Reduces initial input power consumption for a more environmentally-friendly solution
Black Diamond Infrared Illumination Conventional Infrared Illumination
Aegis UFLED - Technical Data
[Find out more...] Bosch Aegis UFLED "Technical Specifications".

[Find out more...] Bosch Aegis UFLED "Technical Data Sheet", 874 kB pdf file. 874 kB pdf file

To view the .pdf file, you will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or plug-in. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please select the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon for further instructions.

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Model Description Distance HFOV
UFLED10-8BD 10º, 850nm LED's 220m (720ft) 40m (125ft)
UFLED20-8BD 20º, 850nm LED's 150m (490ft) 55m (175ft)
UFLED30-8BD 30º, 850nm LED's 110m (360ft) 60m (195ft)
UFLED60-8BD 60º, 850nm LED's 70m (230ft) 800m (265ft)
UFLED95-8BD 95º, 850nm LED's 50m (165ft) 110m (300ft)
UFLED120-8BD 120º, 850nm LED's 35m (115ft) 120m (400ft)
UFLED10-9BD 10º, 940nm LED's 135m (440ft) 25m (80ft)
UFLED20-9BD 20º, 940nm LED's 80m (260ft) 28m (100ft)
UFLED30-9BD 30º, 940nm LED's 65m (210ft) 35m (115ft)
UFLED60-9BD 60º, 940nm LED's 40m (130ft) 45m (145ft)
UFLED95-9BD 95º, 940nm LED's 30m (100ft) 65m (210ft)
UFLED120-9BD 120º, 940nm LED's 20m (65ft) 70m (230ft)
[nm = namometer wavelength]
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